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STANDARD Extendable/Detachable TOW-BAR 

A standard Extendable/Detachable tow-bar is manufactured with a mild steel frame specifically designed to be bolted to the chassis mounting points of the vehicle.

A towing arm then goes under the bumper to the centre of the vehicle where 50x50x4.5 square tubing is secured to the towbar frame and a 40x40 solid bar slides in. Attached to the solid bar is the towing ball bolting points and the electrical socket bolting points are secured to the square tubing.

the length of the solid bar will depend on the vehicles required adjustable sizes. The solid bar may be custom designed to have limited different adjustable lengths to the customers specifications.

The solid bar is held in place with a 16mm removable pin allowing for the solid bar, with the towing ball, to be removed at the customers convenience.

All standard products are manufactured using top quality mild steel and high tensile nuts and bolts, all finished off with a rust protecting primer undercoat and painted over with an industrial gloss enamel black paint.

-please note that our products are SABS approved and will not affect your warranty on your vehicle-

We apologize for lack of images of our product on this vehicle. Unfortunately, even though with years of experience in the industry making towbars for nearly every type of vehicle available in South Africa, we have been operating with an outdated system leaving us with insufficient data captured and recorded.

Please help us by being the first image/data recorded in our new updated system for this vehicles model.