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Brink’s tow bars meet all the quality standards. The longevity, safety and a smooth operation and control are therefore guaranteed.

Computer module wiring harness 

A computer module wiring harness is used on new model vehicles with an on-board computer system. The module ensures the safety of your vehicles on-board computer system in the case of a wiring malfunction to your trailer or bicycle carrier, by isolating the issue before it reaches the on-board computer. With out the module your vehicle runs the possibility of a malfunction to the on-board computer system which then must be reset by an agent of your vehicles make.

Please note: Towbar designs change dependent on the vehicles Generation updates as well as facelifts and different trim options.

NB: please make sure of what generation your vehicle year falls under as well as if there is any variation to the vehicle which may affect the design of the towbar.

Penalties will be charged for returns. 

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